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1985 E model being refurbished

Excellent used seat backs $145. each. Bottoms,425 & 430 also available,inquire.

6 1/2" wide, x 14", E type wheel. Polished rim and center, gray spokes. Makes nice upgrade for wider tires. Used sets, excellent condition. $395.00

Alcantara dash panels in 85 Coupe. Beautiful contrast. easy installation.

Dash radio/heater control surround, done in original Alcantara material. $89.00....OUT OF STOCK

Shift lever surround, in original Alcantara. $49.00 A/T and 425's also.

Good used rear shocks. Wayassuto original. $inquire.

Used biturbo engine ready for shipping. Others available, inquire.

Biturbo engine being serviced.

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